Athlete Therapy

Develop your off-field identity. Improve your on-field performance.


Transitioning from professional or serious sports to off-field lifestyles can feel terrifying. How can you hang on to those ideas about yourself? How do you handle your friends and family bringing up your previous athletic achievements without

feeling weak?


Or maybe you’re a current athlete who can’t seem to get your head back in the game post-injury, or struggling with off-field distractions, or experiencing a disturbing loss of drive. Jeni helps athletes step up their game. And after the final buzzer rings, she helps them create new lives when their sporting career ends.

This is for current or formerly competitive athletes who:

  • Can't seem to transition properly off the field

  • Feel like they lost their identity after their sports career ended

  • Want to balance their athletics with the rest of their life

  • Need to find focus when their personal lives are a mess

  • Are struggling to push the limit after healing from an injury

  • Are losing motivation. Just burnt out

  • Want to perform their best mentally to excel at their game physically

Let's make healing a team activity.

Create an identity that's a winner for YOU.

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