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Come as you are. Grab a mug. Kick off your shoes. Let's heal.

Life’s a mess. Or it’s headed that way. Stress. Relationship problems. Anxiety. The blues. Irritability. Feeling stuck. Your get-up-and-go has gone off and went. You may find yourself crying in, or punching the crap out of, your pillow. And then just wanting to run away from it all -- and we’re not talking in the Calgon bubble bath kind of way.

We know you're fighting hard not to get to that desperate place. We know you're fighting a battle you're not sure you can really win.

What's more, your partner doesn't get it. Your friends don't get it. And your mom definitely doesn't get it. Talking to them almost seems to make things worse. Isolation and sucking it up helped for a little while ... until it didn't. The good news is, you've found your way to SoulSpring Counseling.

The time for change is now.

Why Us?

We are Freedom Fighters. Stigma Smashers. Bar Raisers.

Our team of therapists is here to help you discover a new way to live that gets you through, out, over, and beyond. On your terms. We'll be that pillow you need. Our office is that safe escape you've been seeking. You can scream in front of us. We can handle it. We can help.

For You, We'll Rock the Casbah

Love From Our Clients

"Thank you for your dedication to this profession and making all efforts to save people's lives."

"I'm grateful for finding you. I learned many many useful tools from every interaction I had with you. Thank you for encouraging me to work on myself, it is definitely the best thing I've done for myself and my family."

We Are

Human Like You

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  • A rate for everyone         Click here for details.

  • Insurance accepted.            Click here for details.


  • Late office hours.

  • Night and weekend appts.

  • Video counseling services.

  • Responsive as all get-out!



Qualified Supervisor
Wynne Stallings_edited_edited.jpg

 Freedom may come at a high price, but living in emotional freedom is priceless.

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Bilingual English/Spanish
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The daily practice of purposeful habits are the construction blocks that build a purpose-fulfilled life.

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