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Wynne Stallings

LMHC CAP, Qualified Supervisor

As the founder of SoulSpring Counseling, Wynne wants to raise the bar in the therapy world by educating the public about mental health issues >> providing  dynamic Qualified Supervision for interns >> and no-holds-barred counseling for her own clients.


Wynne believes you can heal by feeling heard, understood, and getting real. Therapeutic validation is Step 1. You need to know your voice, feelings, and perspectives need to be heard. Validation builds the foundation for self worth and self esteem. From self esteem comes self empowerment, and from self empowerment comes all kinds of new ways to effectively handle life. You do belong here. You can navigate your life with confidence and greater ease.

Check out the Good Stuff Wynne recommends in-between sessions to help you along your mental health journey.

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What She Overcame

“When I was a child I was extremely shy and insecure. I was petrified every moment I was in my own skin. The only relief I felt was when I was dancing, roller skating, playing sports, or being alone. I was terrified of judgment and rejection by all peers and adults. I could not comfortably speak in front of people until my late 20s. This started to change when I took a job as a substance abuse counselor at age 27, and I had to be in front of as many as 80 male inmates at a time.


Through the guidance of a supervisor, I found my voice and I improved my confidence in this area quickly, first professionally, and more slowly, personally. Now I know I am called to speak to others, and when I know what I'm talking about, I am very confident in my own skin. When I don't know what I am talking about, I am comfortable admitting as much and I no longer feel the need to be perfect. I credit first that one supervisor, but subsequently, the help of God, many mentors, therapy, and my 12 step recovery program has accelerated my progress. Now it actually feels pretty cozy living in the skin I’m in. I can now laugh at myself, make jokes, speak up, and trust my gut. It's been an amazing transformation.”

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Wynne’s got more experience than seasons of Friends x2. She gives clients techniques to help them feel liberated--whether they’re families who need new systems, couples who are struggling to talk to each other nicely (or at all), or individuals who have been suffering for way too long.

Wynne helps...

  • Families listen to each other in a real way

  • Parents set appropriate boundaries with their teens and adult children

  • Individuals and couples heal their family-of-origin dysfunction

  • Groups use psychodrama to explore long-standing struggles

  • Therapists-in-training prepare to become the insightful, effective, competent therapists they dream to become.

She uses...

  • Psychodrama

  • And anything else at her disposal

Her clients...

  • Finally learn to feel and get real

  • Find freedom to be their true selves

  • Learn to set boundaries. Yes! Boundaries!

  • Squeeze out of codependent relationship behaviors

  • Find their voice

Her not-so-secret power

  • Wynne can listen to a client for the whole hour and remember just about every word.

  • She has over 22 years and counting of experience digging in to help heal the Florida community.

  • She gets at least 60 hours of training per year headed towards this powerfully effective and widely applicable certification in Psychodrama>>

When she’s not working, you can find Wynne salsa dancing until 2 a.m., sweating it out at a yoga class, or cheering on her alma mater -- the University of Miami Hurricanes -- on fall Saturday afternoons. She loves a mean game of spades and listening to a great reggae funk band on a breezy day by the water.

Groove is in the heart!

“Wynne Stallings helped me find my voice in an abusive marriage. It’s been a long and and difficult journey since the divorce and my children and I are still recovering from the aftermath. I’ve learned through Ms. Stallings that I do matter and I am capable of so much more. My children see the changes in me. I’m healthier and stronger as a result. God has provided beyond my expectations. Amen!”

Find your True Self and get inspired with Wynne

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