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#teamsoulspring wants to see you as you are, wherever you are, however you are... Whether you’re staring at rock bottom or in free fall on the way to it, anxiety, depression, marital problems, and just frickin LIFE can start to bruise you. You’ve probably reached this site because you just looked down and saw too many spots on your heart that look black and blue. You can laugh it off and keep singin’ “Achy Breaky Heart,” but seriously...when was the last time you felt pretty good living in the skin you’re in?


C’mon in. Just come. There are few bruises #teamsoulspring hasn’t seen before. You can feel better through both action and insight-oriented therapy, whether online or in-person. We’re not those TV therapists who dryly stare at you, “Um hmmm-ing” and chiming “How does that make you feel” all along the way. We listen. We validate. We clarify. We develop ideas together. And then you learn to unchain yourself from your complex traumas in a safe way and a safe space. Judgment free zone.

We're successfully trained in the following areas:


Cognitive behavior therapy

Dialectical behavioral therapy



Sandtray therapy

Play therapy

Premarital therapy

12-step philosophy

Faith-based therapy

Athlete-focused therapy

Oncology Social Work

#teamsoulspring is a clinical team, which means that we all work together to heal the whole family. With our monthly team meetings, monthly clinical consultations, and a space where each therapist can feel autonomous without feeling alone, we’re one of the few private practices in Florida that actually moves with a team approach. So the whole family can heal in a single space. 

And this is how we operate: with excellence, integrity, accountability, personal growth, professional growth, and just enough of a dose of FUN!

We're a team and we've got your back!

"I have survived the forces that would have weakened or even annihilated me, and my Soul has spring free and open to the beauty of Life."-Daily Affirmations of Adult Children of Alcoholics

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