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Family Therapy

Create the loving family you've been praying for


Family dinner used to be a really great idea until you all had to walk on eggshells to pass the salt. Your communication style has been more like whisper-down-the-lane instead of a clear exchange, and no one’s really in the mood to celebrate anything together. Unless it's the latest TikTok video... 


With the help of #teamsoulspring, families can:

  • Learn to talk and listen to each other more effectively. No more yelling. No more eye-rolling

  • Understand the impact that words - or the lack thereof - have been having on others

  • Gain family-of-origin insights to recognize why you behave the way you do in your family-of-now unit

  • Become closer. Maybe even like each other more!

  • Learn to support each other instead of tearing each other apart

  • Actually enjoy holidays and get togethers. Yes! It IS possible!

Family members, unite!

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