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Addiction Consultation

Addiction consultation for the whole family

Recovering in isolation can be extremely difficult, but when the whole fam is involved, addicts have a much greater chance at making a sustained recovery. Even more, each member of the family can find their own peace of mind. When all are in recovery, all can win!

With #teamsoulspring you can:

  • Unite your family with a single plan

  • Cope during a sobriety transition

  • Handle a relapse as a group

  • Move forward with clearly defined boundaries

  • Become more loving in your interactions

  • Get referred to organizations that can help active addicts and the family as well

  • Let go of trying to control, transform chaos to clarity, and receive the peace of mind that follows

Not one of you has to keep living this way any longer. See how change is possible. Listen to this podcast>> of Wynne debunking addiction myths and sharing what has worked for families dealing with an addicted loved one.

Recover with trusted, well-experienced support

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