Group Therapy

Get with people who get you


How we act in group therapy is nearly identical to how we show up in life. In group therapy everyone we’re sitting across is one of our mirrors -- the group members and even the therapists -- who show us the beautiful things about us that we don’t see. And you’ll learn, in a safe way, the self-imposed challenges you need to address so you're now empowered you to change your life.

Group sessions are for you if:

  • You want to better understand how you relate to others

  • You want to get feedback from your peers in a safe space

  • Without saying a word, you want to see that others "get you" because they're struggling just the same as you

  • You want to heal in connections with others

Together, we discover and explore the following common challenges:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Anger management

  • Coping with addicts

  • Codependency issues

  • Recovery and self care

  • Compulsive behavior recovery

  • Conflict resolution

  • Sexual abuse recovery

  • Grief and loss support

  • Family of origin recovery

  • Conflict resolution

  • And so much more. The possibilites are endlesss!

Pioneering Your Next Chapter

A Personal Growth Group for Women Over 50

Facilitated by Grace Childs LCSW

  • Find purpose in your life

  • Discover your sense of identity

  • Enhance your inner resources such as social skills, sense of adventure, relationship skills, works habits and spirituality

  • Expand your communal resources by connecting with women just like you

Pioneer your next chapter with like-minded women.


If you're interested in joining a group session, or if you have an idea for upcoming group, let us know!