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Individual Therapy

“SoulSpring has made a great positive impact with my self awareness and overall well being.”


“Soon after my time in therapy, I understood how I could find the balance I was seeking for myself and family.”

“I'm grateful for finding you [Wynne]. I learned many many useful tools from every interaction I had with you. Thank you for encouraging me to work on myself, it is definitely the best thing I've done for myself and my family.”

“My counselor listens and has AMAZING insight. I always walk out having learned things about myself.”


“After many years of numerous counselors and frustration, I found Wynne. She is by far the most caring therapist I ever met. Her approach to my issues was outstanding. She's the only therapist I could ever recommend!! My outlook on life and its challenges has completely turned around."


Couples and Families

"From my initial tear filled call to make an appointment and beyond we have received wonderful service, and useful tools to better our relationship. Absolutely recommend this practice and the services they provide!"

"My experience with SoulSpring has been such a blessing in my life!!! It has been life changing in the most positive ways!"

"When I feel overwhelmed and alone, I reflect on the kindness and the care shown in counseling, and once again I am encouraged to face the challenge and move forward knowing that you will always be there for us. Please continue doing the great work you are called to do. We will always remember SoulSpring as our partners in life’s highways. God bless and keep you."

“Wynne Stallings...was spot on with so many things...She taught all [in our family] better communication skills, to think of the impact of words and interactions, as well as skills to dig deeper into who we are and why we behave the way we do. The insight that Wynne helped to promote was amazing. She is truly one of the best counseling professionals that I have ever met and/or worked with on a personal level."

“They are the best. Really helped me and my wife. Wynne is a top class professional that taught us a lot. We use the skills to this day.”

"How can I put into words my gratitude? The progress in the short time that you worked with us is amazing. You are truly a gifted healer. That is a rare thing to have. Very few have it and less can ever learn it. It is a God-given talent."


Family Weekend Parents

“Thank you for your dedication to this profession and making all efforts to save people's lives. I feel I can leave [Family Weekend] with more knowledge and tools to use for our family in recovery.”


“[Wynne's] professionalism is outstanding, as is [her] dedication to the clients. WOW. I learned so much."


“[The Family Weekend] was a very intense therapy but worth all the tears to see what I have done in my active addiction. It was an awesome experience."


Family Addiction Coaching Clients

“Thank you for your words of wisdom that still ring clearly in my head. I'm grateful for finding you at a time where I was ready and able to listen, understand and accept many of the ideas and concepts you put forth. Often enough, I share your wisdom with my Al-Anon friends and impress them! I learned many many useful tools and words from every interaction I/we had with you. I continue going to my meetings, have a sponsor, do service and have a network of strong program friends. Thank you for encouraging me to work on myself, it is definitely the best thing I've done for myself and my family.


My son celebrated one year of sobriety October 3rd. He has genuinely embraced recovery and is committed to working his program. Every time I talk to him, he amazes me and I feel uplifted by his positive energy. By God's grace, we have our son back. I am grateful beyond words. You helped me learn how to communicate with him with love rather than manipulate and control. That made it possible for him to open up to me like never before.”


Teen Clients


“I feel like I owe you my life, because if it wasn't for you I'd end up dead. I can't express how thankful I am for all of your help.”


“Ms. Wynne... truly cared for me and what I was going through at the time. [She] is a patient listener as well. I have never felt more comfortable with a therapist like her. I recommend her to everyone, hoping that she will change their lives positively just as she changed mine."


Parents of Teen Clients

"We are blessed to have SoulSpring!! God placed us there a little over a year ago for such a time as this! He knew [our son] would need someone he was comfortable talking to [to help in our current crisis]."

“I would highly recommend SoulSpring Counseling to anybody that is needed of help and support. As a mom, I was a bit lost in trying to find help for my daughter that was experiencing compulsive behavior. When I made that first phone call, I was scared and a bit apprehensive, but we felt at ease and comfortable from the beginning. The office always has a very calming and relaxing atmosphere. Everyone is very nice and the coffee is great too! Thank you for all your help SoulSpring Counseling!”

"SoulSpring counseling was very helpful to our family. Our daughter felt like she could open up and express herself.”


“SoulSpring has truly helped our son navigate some difficult issues through the teenage years. A light at times that sparked enlightenment, self confidence, empathy or even forgiveness. I feel so grateful to have met SoulSpring for how they have strengthened our relationship with our son.”

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