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Couples Therapy

Love fiercely. Fight fair.

Couples counseling might sound like a dream (or perhaps a nightmare for some? Ack!) We help couples feel better about where the are and who they are.

When a date night turns into another fight and you can’t look at each other without grinding your teeth, it’s time to find that sweet spot again. That soul-satisfying relationship space where both of you are able to give and receive love freely. You don’t have to live with a lump in your throat or feel lonely in your own home anymore.

SoulSpring can help your relationship re-blossom by:

  • Discovering communication roadblocks and exploring new pathways to enhance intimacy

  • Defining goals as a couple

  • Analyzing past hurts and triggers that sabotage and wound your current relationship

  • Creating a culture of verbal and emotional intimacy

  • Setting boundaries that support mutual growth

  • Supporting your authentic selves, helping you and your partner understand each other in a deeper way

  • Build bridges in times of conflict instead of erecting walls or slamming doors

We help couples through a variety of techniques including:

  • Active and creative guided drama

  • Reflective listening and active coaching to support strong communication

  • Positive reinforcement to encourage sharing

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to challenge couples to shift their negative mindsets

  • Sharing family of origin histories so partners can have a deeper understanding and greater empathy into "why do they act the way they do?"

  • PREPARE/ENRICH marital assessment data helps couples celebrate strengths and address weak spots together

Learn to love your lover again

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