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Up from the ashes, let your Soul spring forth.

The mission of SoulSpring Counseling is to facilitate the healing of the emotionally broken and the setting free of those held captive by enduring pain, confusion, anger, loneliness, and habitually self-defeating choices. Secondly, the SoulSpring Team seeks to raise awareness about mental health and substance abuse struggles that at least 50% of the population will experience at some point in their lives. Through education, we smash stigma and facilitate inroads so people can get the help they deserve and need. Third, SoulSpring Counseling is an industry leader, providing clinical development and raising the bar for professional standards. In short: We are Freedom Fighters. Stigma Smashers. Bar Raisers.

"Some people find it a relief just to finally be heard."

-Melody Beattie

At SoulSpring Counseling, we start by listening to the pain, struggles, and issues you’re dealing with right now. And we do it wherever you are -- whether you want to sit cozy at home and meet us online for a video session, or whether you want to chill at our cool vibe office. When we know that you know that we’ve “got you,” we collaborate to find actionable strategies you can put to work immediately. And it’s not just about your life now, right? It’s about the whole family-of-origin stuff, the early-trauma stuff, the past-and-its-luggage stuff. The entire thing of it. Whether you’re suffering from a single incident or a series of lingering problems, we are here to help you get a different life than the one you’re living right now.

So let's get honest. What has really been goin' on with you lately?

Are you struggling to get out of bed every day? Is it getting more difficult to hold back the tears?


Are obsessions keeping you up at night?


Are you ruled by fear? Of being alone? Of taking an important step? Are you constantly comparing yourself to others and finding that you’re in last place?


How long has it been since you felt really satisfied in your marriage or relationship? Do you feel like you’ve lost a lover and gained a roommate? Or do you just fight all the time?


If we asked your kids how well Mom and Dad get along, what would they say?


How much has that childhood trauma hijacked your adult life?


Are your kids getting bullied? Suffering from trauma or low self esteem? Do they need to find their voice?


How exhausted do you feel carrying around all that guilt and shame for years and years?


Are you so angry and resentful you think your head might explode?


Have you been numbing all this pain and suffering with substances or compulsive behaviors??


Have you tried everything you know to try to get better and now you’ve failed at that too?


Are you looking for a team that can help you without having to leave your house? (Soulspring offers telehealth services that fit into your busy schedule)


Are you tired of being stuck? Are you ready for a meaningful change that can last? Are you ready? Are you really ready for change?

Don't overthink this. If you're read this far, it's probably time to seek some help.

Let us help you find relief

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