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Wynne Stallings

LMHC CAP, Qualified Supervisor

Become a bang-up licensed therapist straight out the gate.

If you’re a registered MHC or MFT intern who needs a qualified supervisor to support your professional development in Palm Beach County, or anywhere in Florida for that matter, partner with Wynne Stallings who has a plan and a process to get you license-ready and beyond.

When you have Wynne as your Qualified Supervisor you can:

  • Finally find your niche after exploring numerous aspects of therapy

  • Access and accurately diagnose DSM-5 disorder classifications through roleplay

  • Go beyond the classroom to review and apply laws and ethics in case presentations

  • Identify and address transference/countertransference issues in practice

  • Use psychodrama techniques to explore challenges you're having with clients and/or in the workplace

  • Prepare for the NMHCE exam

Wynne Stallings has been working as a counselor for over 22 years. She has been supervising mental health counselors and marriage and family interns for 5 years. Her approach is to provide a planned course of supervision to raise the bar for practicing therapists. Like the one you want to be.

Hear from interns who have become confident clinicians:

“I really enjoyed Wynne’s hands-on approach to supervision. I have heard of many supervisors who “take a backseat” when supervising registered interns. Wynne took a directive approach and encouraged me to remain in the driver’s seat, while

providing clinical guidance and insight from the passenger’s seat. She empowered me to take charge, use my clinical skills, and encouraged me to constantly work on myself, as both a clinician and a supervisee.


I really appreciated Wynne’s willingness to brainstorm alongside me and empower me to use my best clinical judgment when I was unsure or questioning a decision. She helped me think through clinical situations and provided thoughtful feedback and guidance. Wynne treated me with respect. There was sincerity in her desire for me to learn and contribute back to the field.” — Liz M.

“When looking for a supervisor you want to find someone who is professional, has a grasp on an outline for how your supervision should progress, is knowledgeable, relational, willing to normalize some of the experiences that young therapists experience, and overall who has a multi-disciplinary approach and is intelligent. Wynne far surpasses all of these qualities.”  Nicole S.

Ready to become the best therapist you can be?

Get on an intentional journey to licensure today

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