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Pre-Marital Counseling

Say "I can" and "I will" before you say "I do"

She said "Yes!" to you and then "Yes!" to the dress! (Oh, that Almighty Dress!) The band is booked. Your BFFs are getting fitted and the venue is the best ever! Getting married is one of the most exciting times for a couple. BUT... 


Have you discussed how to merge your individual finances? How much agreement do you have about child-rearing? How important is faith to each of you? How much involvement will the in-laws have? How can you be sure you are starting this journey on the best possible footing?


It helps to address the mess before you put on the dress!

With the help of certified PREPARE/ENRICH counselors, you can make sure you’re ready to do all this:

  • Plan beyond the wedding day and take an honest and courageous look at your relationship strengths and challenge areas

  • Make some solid decisions now regarding finances, involvement of in-laws

  • Discover effective ways to resolve conflict with your partner

  • Make your needs clear and understood

  • Share any concerns with your partner in a safe environment

  • Truly understand what your partner expects of you

  • Create a culture of verbal and emotional intimacy

Give your current and future selves the commitment to best understand each other now, before you say "I do."

Understand your don'ts before

you say "I do" forever.

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