Discover joy and resolution with the professional and oh-so-human

therapists at SoulSpring Counseling.

We don’t expect you to salsa dance out of every session, but you can understand and deal with the challenges you’re facing. We know because we’ve helped people just like you, and now they feel just like this:

“I feel like I owe you my life, because if it wasn't for you I'd end up dead. I can't express how thankful I am for all of your help.”

"I've learned that I do matter and I am capable.”

“First time receiving therapy and SoulSpring Counseling made me feel welcomed and unashamed immediately to reach out for help.”

And we do it all in a supportive, judgement-free zone so you can feel safe, nurtured and empowered.

Get out of your pain and into something more comfortable

Individual Therapy - Real people who will really have your back.

When you’re starting to wonder how you got into this whole mess-of-a-life in the first place, it’s time for some real talk with real people who will really have your back to support you. See how we support individuals >>

Couples Therapy - For when you earnestly need your partner to hear you.

If all of your arguments are starting to sound like a record you’re too exhausted to flip, it’s time for a couples therapist to help you flip the script. Find your way out of relationship broken-record hell >>

Premarital Counseling - Learn to talk about it before you put a ring on it.

Learn to agree upon your "I will's" before you say your "I do's."   Strengthen your relationship here  >>

Family Therapy - For when you want the whole family to learn how to listen.

When no one is talking or if everyone is screaming, it's probably time for some help. Find your way to family harmony >>

Child and Teen Therapy - Growing up doesn't have to feel so down.

Isolation and temper tantrums are signs your kids may not be ok. Give your kids the support they need >>

Group Therapy - For when you've been feeling isolated.

Join together with your peers to heal from traumatic events, loss of a loved one, illness, or learn new skills with people who struggle just like you do. Connect for healing >>

Addiction Support - Healing from addiction isn't a one-time's a daily choice of a lifetime.

You thought you'd be past the hard part after Mr./Ms. Addict got out of treatment, but healing from addiction isn't a one-time decision, it's a daily choice that the whole family needs to do together. Find your family relapse prevention plan >>

Faith-Based Counseling - For when you want God on your therapy team.

Your prayers and scripture readings are helpful, but they don't seem to be helping fast enough. When it feels like God isn't listening, we can help build a bridge. Invite God into your therapy sessions >>

Caregiver Support - Helping you to help others.

You've been sacrificing a lot to care for others. Let us help you create strategies to reduce your stress without compromising the care you provide to your loved one. Get the care you deserve >>

First Responder Support - Learn to manage the stress of your job. 

Being a first responder comes with its own set of challenges. We will work together to develop tools you can use to reduce the effects trauma, stress, and other challenges on your well being. See how we support first responders >>