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Wynne Stallings

LMHC CAP, Qualified Supervisor

Smash stigma and raise the bar with one of Florida’s funkiest therapists.


Help your doctors, staff, team members, church members, or whoever has ears to hear the truth about mental health

All this talk about great service delivery gets us nowhere as long as people hunker down in the protection of their homes, still hung up on the stigma of seeking counseling. This is not good! Wynne’s heart is to take the message to the community that mental health problems are just as common as the common cold. We all get a little “touched” now and then. Every one of SoulSpring Counseling’s therapists have themselves received therapy. And we are not ashamed to admit it. No one else should feel any shame either. Sadly, many still do.

“People change when they hurt enough that they have to, learn enough that they want to, and receive enough that thare able to." – John Maxwell

People all around us are hurting. We see it when “happy hours” turn into “happy nights”, but the spouse and kids left at home aren’t so happy. We see it in overeating, overworking, sleepless nights, sexless marriages and sex-filled affairs, and on and on. Is this enough hurt one has to feel before one has to change? Dunno. BUT, for those that choose to seek help, they can receive enough of what they need to make that change. But what about those who haven’t learned enough that they want to change? Don’t recognize their need to change? Or believe they can change? Or unaware of the resources out there to get change?

For the ones that haven’t yet learned enough, that’s where Wynne’s passion for public speaking comes in. She is a dynamic communicator who whips up a tasty blend of 2 decades of experience plus 2 Masters Degrees into down-to-earth messages that can reach a range of audiences, large or small. Even though she hates the sound of her voice (but like, everyone says that about themselves!), she is not afraid of a close-up. Wynne has presented numerous times to professionals, groups, and businesses, particularly regarding the Family System of Addiction. She has been a guest speaker on podcasts, video blogs, and provided CEU’s to fellow clinicians.

Listen to Wynne

Wynne is an effective and entertaining speaker as evidenced by her extensive speaking experience. Check out these samples of her on various podcasts. 


"You see, this is what can happen when someone asks for help. They can be

transformed from a child having Social Anxiety Disorder to becoming an engaging

champion of mental health sufferers through public speaking. Stranger things have

indeed happened." - Wynne Stallings


You may recognize Wynne as she supported Brittany on A&E's Intervention --

Brittany & Terry K (2012

Through offering education to your organization, join with Wynne to smash stigma. Book an engagement to lead your peeps through informative and humorous hands-on speaking gigs where organizations, teams, and churches can support the mental health of their employees, community, and congregations:

Smash Stigma...

In the workplace:

A little prevention is worth a pound of manure. Save your bottom and your bottom line by providing the mental health education your employees need.

  • Support your C-Suite executives and help your top team understand how mental health issues impact your bottom line and how being prevention-focused can help you retain employees

  • Learn common signs of mental health, substance abuse, and addictive behaviors that undermine employee performance. Know when to refer!

  • Learn community resources available to help with your employees' struggles off the job, so they can get more done on the job.

  • Gain insight into creating a company culture that values both performance and the human experience

Save your bottom and lift up your team!

In the community

Empower the members of your community organization:

  • Understand the signs of the most common mental health disorders

  • Learn how to access resources to get mental health care

  • Learn what to look for in a dependable, effective therapist

  • Learn causes of mental health distress in order to prevent and treat them

Raise up your community with ones who raise the bar!

In the church:

Just because someone has accepted Christ doesn't mean that they won't feel the symptoms of mental and emotional pain.

  • Learn common mental health symptoms, and when it is time for the pastor to refer out

  • Discover how mental health therapy aligns with scripture

  • Learn how the 12-steps - which are based on scripture - can rev up your discipleship and healing ministries

  • Discover what God has to say about emotional healing

  • Lift up your community to face legitimate mental health, substance abuse, and addiction struggles

  • Reveal how to support some of the major psychiatric issues that people in your congregation face

Give your community faith that help is here!

  • Family systems of Addiction

  • Communication

  • Codependency 

  • Anger Management

  • Adult Children of Alcoholics

  • Assertiveness and Boundary Setting

  • Substance Use Disorders

  • Depression and Anxiety Disorders

  • Hidden Forms of Trauma

Empower yourself, your team, your church or your organization.

 Get the help you need when you need it.

Ready to join the Freedom Fighters and help your community members spring forth their lives?


Book Wynne at

your next event!

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