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Grief and Loss Support

You don’t have to live through your pain alone.


Despite our best efforts, the pain of grieving doesn’t just “go away”. It doesn’t stop the year after, or five years after, or maybe never. And we all know a grief wave can come pummeling across your mind as you’re eating mashed potatoes or as you’re cycling your way through your kid’s homework session. Songs, smells, photos, movie quotes….grief has no shortage of entry ways to hijack your heart at the absolute worst moments. But crap. Life keeps moving after loss. There’s no time and place for pain. So we stuff our feelings and keep moving, anesthetized by our numbness. Or, the world keeps moving and we don’t. We find ourselves stuck in a pit of despair. Both paths are common, but neither path frees our souls to live life fully again. Escapism is survival. It is not living. 

We know this. You’d love to find a way to release some of the feelings of frustration, hurt, anger, and loss, but you have no idea how, or even where to start. You may even secretly fear how out of control you may get if you actually allow all those buried feelings to surface. If you really let loose, do you fear you may never come back?   

These are only a handful of losses you may experience:

  • With spouse: divorce, separation, infidelity, chronic illness

  • With children: miscarriage, stillbirth, sudden illness/injury/death, empty nesting

  • With all loved ones: death, estrangement, alienation, imprisonment, addiction, suicide, mental or physical illness

  • With career: loss of job, promotion, finances, retirement, “aging out”, relocation

  • All traumas, chronic or acute,  emotional/physical/sexual/relational, are considered a type of loss

  • Never marrying or having children, when the desire for both is so strong

  • There is no shortage of ways we may experience loss

People are telling you to “move on”. You smile back politely while inside you cringe. “Move on”? No new house or new outfit or a new fancy massage table is going to help you “move on”. (I mean really? Right?) Grief just doesn’t go away. We can’t just buy more things to cover up the hurt, and we don’t have a big eraser that’s gonna remove all your pain. 


But what we do have is a team of compassionate & supportive ears ready to help you unload those complex, messy, heavy emotions. We will walk with you and “hold your hair” while you unload. We will help you feel safer. We can help you see that those feelings aren’t so big and scary as you once believed. And we do have some tools and the power of presence that can help you, eventually, feel more whole. 

With #teamsoulspring you can:

  • Understand your complex process of grief

  • Learn to manage the pain, desperation, and loss you’re feeling

  • Connect with other families and loved ones in grief-focused support groups

  • Accept that grieving is a normal part of the cycle of life. It doesn’t need to be feared or avoided

  • Realize that relearning to live your own life doesn’t mean you’re callously disregarding what and who you have lost

  • Discover a sense of peace and hope

You are not alone. Not with your grief, not as you’re working through your grief, and not as you’re trying to navigate the capital “W” World of Emotions that come with grief and loss in this post-pandemic world.

There’s not a quick fix for pain, and you know that. But there is a place with comfy couches and coffee and people who truly understand what it’s like to hold all that you’re holding.

And we’re here to help you carry it.

Join #teamsoulspring for grief and loss support today. 

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