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Caregiver Stress Support

Caregivers deserve care too...

You've been sacrificing a lot. For a lonnnnng time. Maybe that’s an understatement…


You might feel like you can barely breathe and talk at the same time. Your back hurts. Your head hurts. Your wallet hurts. None of this compares to the hurt you feel in your heart. But wait, you don’t have time for feelings. There’s always something next on your neverending To Do List.


Sometimes, you just need a wall...or a bench…or a comfy bed to rest on. You would love to take a vacation. Or even a nap would do. But then who would take care of your loved one? You see no help in sight. Soooo….no rest for you. You are compelled to carry on...


At Soulspring Counseling, we may not have a Serta Sleeper™ for you to throw your body on, but we do have compassionate listening ears that you can throw your struggles on. You can unload your fear that if you stop, everything (including the person you care for) may just fall apart. And you know deep down that you just can’t let that happen. 


But what about you? How long can you continue on like this? How much more time and energy do you have left before you start to fall apart? 


We’re so glad you’re reading this. There is nothing wrong with you. You are just tired. Your Soulspring Counseling therapist will listen to all you have to say ... and even what you don’t want to say … judgment-free zone. Because we get it. After you’ve upheaved it all, we help you open up space to allow you to give yourself permission to provide effective types of care for yourself.

With #teamsoulspring you can:

  • Improve the quality of your caregiving by daring to open up to someone about your frustrations, loneliness, anger, and guilt

  • Recover from the trauma of caregiving -- in a safe and nurturing environment

  • Process your grief, loss, and anxiety by learning to refocus on self-care, and discovering relaxation techniques that really do help

  • Gain back your sense of control by handling caregiving challenges with more empowered assurance

You are not alone. Let's help you create strategies so you can safely reduce caregiver stress without compromising the care of your loved one.


It's not going to get magically better in one day. (We know you know that.) But with compassionate, professional support, you can replenish your own health little by little.  Maybe … just maybe … you can enjoy an outing for yourself...guilt free? Maybe?

Breathe out. We’re here... 

Caregivers deserve care too......

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