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Grace Childs


Grace is a compassionate, honest, and fun therapist who wants to help people harness the energy of love. Grace believes that people innately want to be heard, and her super power is in hearing a client’s core, deeply felt issue.

Check out the Good Stuff Grace recommends in-between sessions to help you along your mental health journey.

What She Overcame

"The biggest obstacle I have had to get over in my life was the death of my mom when I was 3 years old. She had been sick since before I was born, so there was chronic loss in our family. In the 1960s, therapy treatment was only for the severely mentally ill. So it wasn’t until I was an adult that I could get counseling and begin to pull together some insights into my life about how that loss had affected my behaviors and choices.


I have learned though therapy that there is a loving parent inside me available any time I need guidance, or when situations trigger that sad-little-girl feeling inside me. Acknowledging emotions in a safe place is always a step to emotional health, the result of which just makes life more fun."

Grace’s goal is to lead clients from low self-confidence, depression, and broken relationships into confident, self-assured individuals with enriched, loving relationships.

Grace helps...

  • Children and teens become at ease with identifying their feelings

  • Teens increase their self worth and become more confident in their daily lives

  • Depressed kids feel more empowered

  • Both child and adult-relationships become more enriched

  • Women over 50 pioneer their life's next chapter

She uses...

  • Play therapy to help children open up to reveal the conflicts or traumas that are upsetting them

  • Puppets or sandtray to let kids explore their feelings in a non-threatening way

Her clients...

  • Better understand themselves and their goals

  • Explore complex issues with confidence

  • Become empowered to tackle big challenges

  • Enjoy fulfilling relationships

Her not-so-secret power

  • She knows how to listen for a client's core issue. She's also a slam jammin' play therapist for kiddos and teens

  • She's a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, highly trained and equipped to train aspiring Play Therapists

When she isn’t working, Grace is visiting her four adult children, their spouses, her five grandchildren, and her three sisters and brothers-in-law. She is a passionate traveler, and she loves how traveling helps her learn and grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically. In her own time, Grace loves yoga, swimming, and being outdoors.

“The therapists are top notch and it's way beyond any counseling I've received in the past. I feel like they'll do everything possible to help you, and not leave you feeling more hopeless, which is how I left other counseling sessions. They are they best of the best!”

Allow your children to express their feelings in a safe space

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