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Business Consultation

You can run a group, but how well can you run your therapy business?

You have a big dream to start a private practice, but you don’t know where to start. How do I get clients? What is my niche? Should I take insurance? How much should I charge? And on and on and on. The process can be downright overwhelming.


Learn how to start a private practice from scratch, and get coached through all of it from someone who’s been there/done that.

And we mean all of it

  • Identify who you want to be as a therapist and make SMART goals that help you get there

  • Choose a niche that matches your identity, goals, skillset, and passion

  • Set up a business in a way that follows the law, short circuiting common pitfalls and distracting detours

  • Write your Business Plan

  • Choose a business structure that makes sense for your niche

  • Get the nitty-gritty – your NPI number, business tax receipt, separate bank accounts, the behind the scenes To Do List no one taught you in school – ALL that – handled

  • Stay safe with record keeping tips and legal processes in place

  • Navigate how to bill, how to code, how to deal with insurance, and financial record-keeping tups

  • Get clients you love to work with who also love working with you

Stop throwing all those questions out in Facebook therapist groups and get solid answers from someone who has successfully navigated through the process.

Work with Bar Raisers to raise up your practice

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