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What's NEW: Get Your "Good Stuff" at SoulSpring Counseling's NEW Online Store!

We are so excited to share the newest addition to our website with you! It's filled with recs for books, gadgets for self-treatment at home.

SoulSpring Counseling Resources Page

Guess where the real magic of change happens with our clients? Click your red heels thrice Dorothy cuz there's no place like home! The therapy room is where we identify, discuss, feel, challenge, learn, process, and plan. But the therapy room is just a lab. If you really want to change your life, well...that change actually happens IRL.​

When your #teamsoulspring therapist recommends a book, a gadget, a stress aid to help you implement and cement new changes in your real life, look no further. We got you.

We are so excited to share the curated list compiled by SoulSpring Counseling therapists just for our clients, and anyone else for that matter.

Check it out today, but know that the list will continue to grow, so keep checking back!


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