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SoulSpring Mission

The mission of SoulSpring Counseling is to facilitate two things: the healing of the emotionally broken and the setting free of those who are held captive by enduring pain, confusion, anger, loneliness, and habitually self-defeating choices.


We believe that all humans are born with a Soul that longs to love and live freely, with purpose and passion, while enjoying fulfilling relationships with Self, Higher Power, and others. We call the unadulterated Soul one's True Self. 


When our Souls are damaged along the way of our life's development, they go into hiding. Thus emerges what we call a False Self whose purpose is to shield and protect the Soul held captive in fear and pain. The False Self takes the shape of any of a number of self-sabotaging behaviors: addictions, codependency, anger, depression, anxiety, control, and isolation, to name a few. 


In the developmental years, the False Self is very effective at numbing pain to help the Soul survive in a chaotic environment. But when it's time to be a grownup, the Soul has never learned to operate in an adult manner in the adult world. Shielded by a strongly developed False Self, many teenagers and adults remain stuck: in pain, in fear, and acting in all kinds of ineffective ways trying to get their needs met. The very coping skills that protect the young Soul are the very behaviors that hold adults back from enjoying all aspects of their lives.  


Therapy at SoulSpring Counseling begins by assessing your current life's challenges. We seek to help you implement strategies to more effectively live life day to day. As therapy progresses, your life history may be examined to reveal roots of the pain that has held you back from living your most full, authentic, and satisfied Self. The therapist will offer you an opportunity to resolve the pain carried over from the past so you are no longer held back by destructive thoughts, crippling emotions, and ineffective choices.


It is our hope that therapy continues past helping you find a way to live on life's terms. It is our passion that we continue to work with you until your Soul springs forth into freely and fully living your most peaceful, joyous, connected and impassioned Life.

I have survived the forces that would have weakened or even annihilated me, and [my Soul has] sprung free and open to the beauty of Life. "

Daily Affirmations of Adult Children of Alcoholics

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