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SoulSpring Counseling's Top 10 Blogs: Season 1

You read 'em. You picked 'em. In our first year of blogging, these are your 10 Faves!

It has been one of Wynne's many professional dreams to finally come true: carving a path to share helpful mental health information to the public in witty and creative ways. Because knowledge is one of the key components to healing and change, a year ago in July, SoulSpring Counseling joined the 21st century amateur journalism phenomenon called "blogging".

All of our therapists and staff have contributed in various ways toward sharing informational, humorous, rigorously honest, and even personal content to increase awareness of the many ways in which our mental health can be challenged. Knowledge is power. We offer the knowledge to increase your personal power.

So read on to check out your Top 10 articles from our Palm Beach Gardens counselors! There's a little something for everyone: parenting, grieving, addiction, aging concerns and more.

Stay tuned – we can’t wait to bring you more over Year 2!

1. Infertility Awareness Week 2022

Infertility Awareness Week is an opportunity to bring awareness to the struggles that so many go through to create a family. estimated 15% of couples will have trouble conceiving? Infertility impacts entire families, including that of Jennifer and her husband. She eloquently walks us through her story. Although it is quite painful to share, the only way to break down stigma is to tell our stories.

SoulSpring Counselor Jennifer breaks down the stigma surrounding infertility by sharing her immensely personally story in her own words.


2. Back to School Anxiety

Whether you're a student, a parent, a teacher, or an administrator, going back to school can come with mental health challenges. Let's work together to start the year off right.

The 2021 school year is starting with a big bang…of confusion, panic and anxiety. You have it. Your kids have it. Heck, we all have it. Anxiety. What is it? Do I have it? How do I know if my kids have it?

Most importantly, what as a family do we do about it?

Let’s start the year off together, prepared to address the health and mental health challenges of Back to School we are likely to face.


3. Giving Thanks in 2021

With Thanksgiving around the corner, Team SoulSpring shares what we are thankful for this year!

When you are thankful, you're "full of thanks". It's a word that expresses either a feeling or showing of gratitude. You can be thankful that the long week is over, or you can give a thankful smile to your boss when she says you can leave a few hours early.

Check out what each member of #teamsoulspring is thankful for this Thanksgiving season.


4. National Codependency Awareness Month 2022

It's a topic we want to avoid, but that's why it's important to raise awareness. Who wants to get more aware of Codependency?

Yeah, this subject is not at the top of anyone’s list for entertainment. Codependency is like… that word, that thing, that problem that happens to "other people." It happens to other people when it’s a real problem. Other times we’ll explain away our peculiar behavior using “codependent” as a self-deprecating punch line during cocktail hour.

This month is about codependency awareness. So who should be more aware of codependency? The simple answer is: all of us.


5. New Year Goals for 2022

Resolutions are for amateurs. GOALS are for peeps ready to get down to business!

A Goal is a clearly-defined desired outcome that is measurable, achievable, time-specific, and for which the goal setter takes full responsibility. Goals are achieved in incremental steps. What you do today sets you up for outcomes you experience later. What change do YOU want to accomplish by year end 2022?

Discover the goals that each member of #teamsoulspring has set in their hearts to reach in 2022.


6. Caregiver Therapy

If you are a caregiver, there is a good chance you've felt some kind of anxiety, depression, or even suicidal thinking since the pandemic. Let us help you help them!

50% of caregivers became first-time caregivers during the pandemic. So for half of our current caregivers, this caretaking business is a new and unexpected role. Caregiving is such a selfless role and you DESERVE to have just as much support and compassion as you are providing to others. Since the pandemic onset, the role of a caregiver has been particularly challenging.

So just how does Caregiver Therapy help? We are here to help you find out!


7. Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month 2022

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. The campaign seeks to raise awareness about the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of community life, as well as awareness of the barriers that people with disabilities still sometimes face in connecting to the communities in which they live.”

For this year, the theme of Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month is Worlds Imagined which highlights how people with disabilities are living more productive and longer lives. #TeamSoulSpring counselor Cindy Gourley shares her experience taking her daughter to the Myakka Elephant Ranch for an “elephant spa day." You will enjoy reading all about it!


8. Dealing with Holiday Grief

If you have suffered a significant loss this year, we invite you to give yourself permission to grieve. Not all holiday seasons have to be so "happy".

The first holiday season after a loss can arouse more anxiety -- and even dread, than expectation of excitement and joy. Let us be clear: anxious and sad feelings during the holidays are normal. This Holiday Grief, whether it's Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanza or Christmas, often highlights the absence of a loved one and overshadow the celebratory experience they're meant to be.

Let’s normalize that death and grief are no respecter of time or of persons. Let’s accept that some holiday seasons can be agonizingly painful. Let’s give ourselves permission that we don’t always have to “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas."


9. Mother's Day 2022

Mother's Day is for all moms - the young moms, the older moms, and those moms whose children are no longer with us. Let them feel this day in their souls and be kind.

#teamSoulSpring counselor Cindy Gourley shared some poignant words about Mother's Day including personal anecdotes about her own mother. For Cindy, Mother’s Day has always been about honoring her mom and her legacy. Making sure to thank her for all her sacrifices and who she was as a woman.

You don't want to miss the rest of this beautiful Mother's Day tribute. Make sure to check it out today!


10. National Recovery Month 2021

If you are one of the 46% of Americans in a close relationship with an addict, you're not as powerless as you think this National Recovery Month.

Based on our 20+ years working with addicts, not one of them ever said, “I always knew I wanted to be an addict when I grew up.” Nope. Not one. The truth is, nearly all future addicts start their illustrious drinking and drugging careers with something nearly all of us do: experimentation. Let’s get honest, who of you reading this has never had an alcoholic beverage in your life? If you have ever consumed an alcoholic drink, then yes, you have tried or “experimented” with drug consumption.

But maybe you have an active addict in your life and you don’t know what to do. Let us help!

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