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SoulSpring Counseling’s Mission Statement – A Snapshot View Through the Lens of Black History Month

February is Black History Month and with that in mind, we want to share our mission statement through the lens of “providing service” to the Black community.

Black History Month and SoulSpring Counseling

February is Black History Month, and there is much to be said about the history of Black Americans. We can highlight the notable inventors and world changers who undoubtedly left lasting legacies for future generations. Or, we peel back the unsavory layers of a history that reveals multigenerational scars and the impact they’ve had on Black American mental health. Either direction, it would be impossible to cover the range of such a long, deep, and sensitive history of people. Suffice it to say, we know that Black Americans, as a group, have overcome much, and continue to overcome.

Keeping that rich history in mind, we'd like to present the SoulSpring Counseling Mission Statement through the lens of “providing service” to the Black community. Who are we? What do we do? Why do we do it? Please, read on.

(Please read our full Mission Statement here)

“In short: We are Freedom Fighters, Stigma Smashers, Bar Raisers.”

Freedom Fighters

We at SoulSpring Counseling believe in the unalienable rights of every population to enjoy sound mental health. We recognize that the Black community is a historically underserved community. According to the CDC, only about 15% of Blacks sought mental health services in 2020.

"Lack of cultural understanding by health care providers may contribute to underdiagnosis and/or misdiagnosis of mental illness in people from racially/ethnically diverse populations." We at SoulSpring Counseling stand in solidarity with the Black community as it seeks to make strides in raising awareness and utilizing mental health services to heal individuals, families, and communities.

“Counseling can and should provide a safe place to process thoughts and challenge beliefs. Blacks are not unaccustomed to talking about their problems, traditionally in religious settings. The notion of talk therapy is probably more relevant than we believe. We have always talked to each other, we haven't always talked to professionals.” ~ Marie Labranche, Therapist

Stigma Smashers

We at SoulSpring Counseling recognize that for the Black community, there are certain stigmas and myths often associated with mental illness: seeing a therapist may be looked upon as a sign of weakness. Traditionally and as a group, persons of color often lack trust in the health care system. This guardedness has been exacerbated by language barriers, lack of cultural representation among healthcare providers, or the lack of culturally competent providers (

At SoulSpring Counseling, we are working to smash the stigma that counseling is for "crazy folk" by providing culturally sensitive counseling as well as psychoeducation about the counseling process.

"To fully embrace self care is to fully acknowledge the role played by mental health care. There is no salve, massage, or spa treatment that can dig to the depths of our pain, help us process that pain, and then grow forward and thrive. We have endured much, and as a community, we owe ourselves the normalization of admitting when we are not okay and adding mental health to our continuum of care. There is courage and power in asking for help." ~ Tonya Cajuste, SSC Website Content Contributor

Bar Raisers

We at SoulSpring Counseling are raising the bar by providing an array of services and working within your budget and busy schedules. We no longer want lack of access or resources to keep populations from seeking help. We recognize this has been an issue, especially in the Black Community. We invite our Black girls -- and Black guys -- to get their magic back!

"SoulSpring Counseling recognizes the multi-generational trauma and oppression experienced by Persons of Color in America. We cannot undo what has been done, nor can we make things 'right' or 'fair'. Though perhaps not fully understanding, we carry our curiosity, compassion, and the historical understanding we do possess into our sessions with our clients. We are open to hearing clients' stories and allowing space to process their personal and inter-generational grief. We also know that mental health challenges are no respecter of persons*. No matter where we are from or what we look like, anxiety, sadness, frustration, relationship challenges and addictions afflict us all. Too often the color of one's skin has held people back from enjoying all that life has to offer, including sound medical care. If you identify as BIPOC, we ask that you not hold yourself back from getting the mental health care you and your family deserve." ~ Wynne Stallings, Owner

*According to the CDC, rates of mental illness among African-Americans are similar to the general population. Unfortunately, for those who need mental health services, only one third of this population receives quality, affordable mental health care. #TeamSoulSpring exists to help change all that.

Browse through our website, learn what we have to offer. You might come to believe we are a fit for you? Even if not, it is our hope and prayer that if you need mental health care, you will find what you need, when you need it, and at a rate you can afford.

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