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Isn't it time you give yourself of the gift of emotional freedom? Talking with a skilled therapist can lead you to a breakthrough. Though talk therapy serves as a base for healing, SoulSpring therapies encourage you to dig deeper and seek true resolution by offering a range of expressive arts therapies as a way of exploring the origins of your feelings, gaining heightened awareness and insight and most importantly, giving you the skills to find confidence and emotional release.


Individual Therapy

Are you scarred by your experiences, but find it hard to discuss your life and feelings with friends and relatives? Even supportive, well-intentioned loved ones aren’t always objective enough to be truly helpful. Many times they even play a role in the struggles you face!  When you speak with an individual therapist who is trained to listen with empathy while remaining objective, you can realize phenomenal breakthroughs – even in the most painful of situations. Still not sure if you need individual therapy? Check out and see if any of the following statements apply to you: 

  • I cannot get out of this depressed sinkhole I am in.

  • I cannot control my worry or shut off my mind no matter what I try.

  • My resentment is eating me up inside, and sometimes my anger gets the best of me.

  • I have a really hard time setting boundaries in my relationships.

  • When I speak, people do not seem to take me seriously.

  • I was raised in an alcoholic or other type of dysfunctional family setting.

  • Sometimes my life seems overcome by an addict or other individuals who can't seem to take care of themselves.

  • I am a teenager struggling with anger, self acceptance, low self esteem, or identity issues.

  • I take care of everyone else first. I rarely take time for me, and I'm exhausted.

  • I have a compulsive behavior that I cannot stop on my own.


The therapists at SoulSpring Counseling are especially skilled at getting to the root of your presenting problem and identifying a corresponding multi-disciplined approach to help you solve your challenges. We are adept at understanding the interplay between childhood experiences and adult life complications. We will teach you new skills and help you change your negative thinking, set boundaries with others, learn to take better care of yourself. 

Perhaps you would be interested in “Family of origin” recovery?

Take a look at the 14 Laundry List Traits to help determine if you are an adult child of a dysfunctional family. If you are, you are probably struggling with relationships, compulsive behaviors, self-esteem issues, and difficulties expressing your feelings.

But you are not alone. Many of us struggle with any one of these issues in our lives. In particular, an adult child of an alcoholic often feels that the problem never really goes away even after so many attempts at trying. The ways "ACAs" learn to survive in childhood often sabotage their adult lives and relationships. Individual counseling can help heal inner wounds and learn new ways to live. 


Faith-Based Counseling on Request


Professional ethics prohibit attempting to persuade clients to any particular religious point of view. But ethics do allow for faith-based therapy if someone desires this service with a counselor who is prepared to offer it and is comfortable doing so. If you, the client, would like a faith-based or Biblically-based counseling experience, do not hesitate to contact SoulSpring Counseling for a therapist who offers this. You can discuss your preferences for how to incorporate your faith into your counseling. 

Couples Therapy


Do you find that you cannot sustain a healthy dating relationship? Or are you married, but feel that the intimacy you once had or imagined you could have seems to be elusive? You know that you were created to have a long-lasting relationship, but you and your partner just cannot seem to find your “sweet spot”— that soul-satisfying relationship mark where both of you give love freely and feel love being returned. Sometimes we haven’t had appropriate role models. Sometimes there is fear or power struggle. Often you are left living each day as if your relationship is on the brink of disaster. The good news is that you do not have to live in misery or distress anymore. 

SoulSpring relationship counseling can help the two of you heal and even blossom by: 

  • Identifying communication roadblocks and opening up new pathways to connection

  • Uncovering past hurts and triggers serving to wound and sabotage the current relationship

  • Empowering each partner to speak his or her truth with confidence and without fear of judgment, while listening to and validating their partner’s feelings with empathy

  • Learn conflict resolution skills which reduce power struggles and facilitate actual solutions

  • Create a culture of verbal and emotional intimacy

  • Learn to set and respect boundaries which are mutually beneficial

  • Learn to allow your partner to live their true self, without feeling threatened or a need to control

  • Learning to live your true self, regardless if your partner has fears or needs for control

  • Decide if a relationship is worth the effort to save, or realize it is time to move forward anew

To achieve positive relationship-altering results, SoulSpring also uses active and creative guided drama and role playing. Through these techniques, couples work through problems while allowing each partner to see things from the other’s perspective. Psychodramatic methods are extremely effective at helping couples to speak their truth as well as learn their partner's perspective. Both of these outcomes powerfully facilitate the couple's communication, resolve conflicts, and help develop empathy and compassion for each other.


Couples may also opt to take a PREPARE/ENRICH assessment and follow a semi-structured review of the couple's vitality and/or preparedness for marriage. 

Family Therapy


Therapy for family issues is like couples therapy, but with more moving parts to factor into the solution. Like couples counseling, family counseling sessions help parents and parent surrogates improve upon boundary setting, communication skills, conflict resolution skills, and mutual acceptance. These skills are often needed between parental figures, between parents and children, and among sibling groups. The more relatives are involved in the therapeutic process, the quicker the unit stabilizes, and the longer that stabilization lasts. Even if only one loved one attends these sessions, changes in that one person does impact the entire family system. One individual can make a difference to positively transform the family as a whole.  

Group Therapy

Harville Hendrix said, "We are wounded in relationships, and we are healed in relationships." SoulSpring group therapy sessions provide a safe environment for growth and healing while also serving as a space for peer-to-peer feedback facilitated by a licensed therapist. Group therapy is often considered the best method of therapy to help clients understand themselves in the context of how they relate to others, and to make positive changes accordingly. SoulSpring Counseling periodically offers topic-centered groups to clients to facilitate self and relationship healing. 

Group topics include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, and Anger Management

  • Education and Skills for Coping with an Addict in the Family

  • Adolescent Counseling

  • Codependency Recovery and Learning Self Care

  • Communication and Assertiveness Skills

  • Compulsive Behavior Recovery

  • Conflict Resolution and Boundary Setting

  • Family of Origin Recovery 

  • Sexual Abuse Recovery

  • Grief and Loss

Please be on the lookout for upcoming groups as they are offered. Don't miss out! Check out the bottom of the page to join our mailing list and stay informed. 

Consultation for Addicted Families


Navigating the world of addiction treatment can be confusing.  Having a loved one in rehab for chemical dependency can evoke confusion, anxiety, frustration, and panic when you aren’t sure if the sobriety will last. SoulSpring therapists can guide you in your communication with the placement facility and help you understand the process while your loved one is getting care.  


We recognize that addiction is a burden borne by the entire family, leaving no one unscathed. Feelings of anger, emptiness, and distrust are normal. Do not underestimate the need for family therapeutic intervention. As a newly recovering addict is making life adjustments, so must his/her support system – you.  


At SoulSpring Counseling, we provide guidance and tools for responding to the addicted or recovering family member – including new ways of communicating. Along with individual counseling after rehab, we assist the family in coping after relapse so the family is better equipped to move forward, even if the addict returns to old behaviors.

Premarital Counseling/Marital Enrichment


She said "Yes!" to you and then "Yes!" to the dress! The band is booked. Your BFFs are getting fitted for tuxes and bridesmaid gowns. The venue is "the best ever!"  Getting married is one of the most exciting times for a couple. BUT........  


Have you discussed how to merge your individual finances? How much agreement do you have about child-rearing? How important is faith to each of you? How much involvement will the in-laws have? How can you be sure you are starting this journey on the best possible footing?  


SoulSpring Counseling helps you plan beyond the wedding day and take a truly introspective look at your relationship and future spouse to bring to a head those topics that many don’t address before saying “I do.” Using the Prepare/Enrich Assessment Tool, your therapist is able to work with you and your partner to identify and explore areas for possible growth and facilitate conversations to head off possible future tensions.  You owe this to your current and future selves to have the hard conversations before walking down the aisle. Small issues today can turn into huge hurdles tomorrow.

Myers-Briggs Type Inventory Assessments


Why do I do the things I do? What makes me uniquely me? How can I make my personality shine to catapult my career to the next level? As a Qualified Assessor for the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator – one of the most widely used personality assessment inventories – SoulSpring can help you answer those questions.  Find out your preferences and use them to sharpen your focus and create a stunning career path whether you have recently entered the workforce, are a seasoned professional, or you are considering a career change.


Or, take the MBTI with your spouse and gain more insight how each of you "ticks." This is a fun way to learn about each other and make small changes in how you relate that lead to big changes in your marital satisfaction. 

Intern Supervision

SoulSpring founder Wynne Stallings is a Qualified Supervisor for Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Interns. With her incredible passion for the field of psychotherapy, Wynne emboldens Interns to explore all aspects of therapy until they find their niche. She is highly committed to raising the bar of the master's level mental health profession through intentional development via review of laws, ethics, case presentations, and identifying and addressing transference/countertransference issues in practice. When appropriate and desired, Wynne uses psychodrama techniques to help Interns explore challenges they are having with their clients and/or in the work place.


If you are a Registered MHC or MFT Intern looking for a Qualified Supervisor committed to your professional identify and development, email Wynne in our Palm Beach Gardens office. We are convenient to North Palm Beach, Juno Beach, Jupiter, Tequesta, and the greater West Palm Beach, Florida area.

Public Speaking 


Wynne’s presentations have included “The Importance of Family Involvement in Treatment” and “Recognizing Signs of Substance Abuse in the Doctor’s Office – And Suggestions for What to Do When You See Them” to other professionals in her field. Wynne has appeared on A&E's Intervention (episode: Britney & Terry K). Her talk on the Addicted Family System appeared on the show Recovery Matters on WRTBiTV.


Wynne is available to speak to general groups on the following subjects:


  • Family Systems of Addiction

  • Communication

  • Codependency

  • Anger Management

  • Adult Children of Alcoholics

  • Assertiveness and Boundary Setting


With groups of faith, Wynne also offers Biblically-based insights on the topics above, exploring Judeo-Christian perspectives and healing approaches.

Please call (561) 463-3078 or email to request a public speaking engagement.

Group Therapy
Individual Therapy
Couples Therapy
Family Therapy
Addicted Families
Premarital Counseling
MBTI Assessments
Intern Supervision
Public Speaking

Do not imitate what is popular for acceptance; practice what is authentic for the sake of your Soul." 

 Brendon Burchard

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