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Marie Labranche


Marie is an upbeat and “let’s get real” counselor whose strength lies in her deep faith springing from the trials she has overcome. Marie’s goal is to help individuals and couples restore their intimate relationships to fulfillment and security.

Check out the Good Stuff Marie recommends in-between sessions to help you along your mental health journey.

"I feel like I have faced quite a few obstacles in my life: a major health issue in 2014, completion of my PhD coursework, and adopting a daughter, to name a few. However, my divorce in 2009 after 16 years of marriage was the most challenging obstacle I had to overcome. I don't believe anyone gets married with the intention of getting a divorce, and it certainly was not my plan when I married at 22 years of age.

Back then, I didn't know that my own history of coming from a divorced family actually increased the chances that I would wind up divorced myself. I also didn’t know that quality premarital counseling would have increased my chances of staying married by 80 percent. All I knew was that I was a bright-eyed enthusiastic recent college grad…. oh, and that we were "in love." 

The marriage was more bad than good, as he struggled with addiction issues and I struggled with what I now recognize as codependency. After seeking therapy and spiritual counseling, and after graduating with my Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy, I knew too much to pretend like I didn't. I made the difficult decision to file for a divorce. This created a great conflict in me as a Christian because I felt like the message I repeatedly heard in church was how much God hates divorce.


I remember crying out to God to save my marriage, but I also remember hearing from God that He would not. God chose instead to sacrifice my bad marriage, and in the process He built in me a heart for marriage. I believe my career as a Marriage Therapist is the beauty that has come from the ashes of my divorce.


I love and believe in marriage, and when done with wisdom, I think it is a beautiful relationship where safety, security and stability can be established. My goal for every couple I encounter is that they should not have to suffer in or through their marriage, but enjoy it as God intended."

What She Overcame

Marie helps...

  • Individuals heal childhood trauma

  • Adoptees and their families heal through trauma-informed care

  • Engaged couples prepare themselves for a marriage that can last

  • Individuals become relationship ready

  • People heal from childhood challenges like parental divorce, death, separation, and adoption so they can resolve attachment issues

  • Foster and Adopting parents navigate the unique challenges they face raising children they did not bear

  • Couples find a way out of distress and restore the joys they once shared

  • Persons who are seeking a faith-based approach to counseling (but trust us, Marie is down to work with anyone!)

She uses...

  • Cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused therapies

  • Psychodynamic and early-life therapies

  • Trauma-informed care

  • Rogerian therapies

  • PREPARE/ENRICH marriage preparation and enrichment tools

  • The Gottman Method of Relationship Therapy

Her clients...

  • Become more at peace with their lives

  • Enjoy more fulfilling, intimate relationships

  • Communicate effectively with their partners

  • Experience relief and hope

Her not-so-secret power

  • Marie has been there and done that. Throw it at her...she can handle it!

  • She's not afraid of anything, she's from Brooklyn

  • She's working toward her Ph.D. World, look out!

Marie is a Marvel nerd who watches Marvel movies with her sons and adopted daughter. She loves reading The Color Purple and traveling to New York (the pizza alone is reason enough to go!), lecturing on mental health with minority communities, and writing books on mental health. P.S. but very important information: Marie can dance The Robot.

"When I feel overwhelmed and alone, I reflect on the kindness and the care shown in counseling, and once again I am encouraged to face the challenge and move forward knowing that you will always be there for us. Please continue doing the great work you are called to do. We will always remember SoulSpring as our partners in life’s highways. God bless and keep you." ~ Marriage Therapy Client

"From my initial tear filled call to make an appointment and beyond we have received wonderful service, and useful tools to better our relationship. Absolutely recommend this practice and the services they provide! Marie is wonderful!" ~ Couples Counseling Client

Get your relationship ready or restored with Marie

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