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Jennifer Alminana


Jennifer is a super passionate psychotherapist who has been dubbed the “resource queen” for providing the perfect resources to each of her clients. As a certified Oncology Social Worker, Jennifer employs Mindfulness-Based and Compassion-Focused therapies to help persons diagnosed with cancer and other chronic illnesses. But she doesn’t stop there. She knows full well that caregivers need her support too. It is well documented that receiving empathic mental health care actually improves medical outcomes. And Jennifer’s heart is to provide comfort and resources to those struggling with the pain and fear of their illnesses. You don’t need to suffer with a medical diagnosis alone. BONUS: She's a Medicare provider! 

Check out the Good Stuff Jennifer recommends in-between sessions to help you along your mental health journey.

After college graduation, I was not ready to go back to school for a graduate degree. I knew that I wanted to help people but I did not know in what capacity. I decided to apply for jobs in the corporate healthcare world. It was a great opportunity. I was indirectly helping people and interacted with practitioners all day. I stayed in this position for multiple years and started to realize that I was not fulfilled emotionally on this career path. I did not feel as though I was using my strengths and I felt a bit bored. At the same time, I felt comfortable in the job. I knew what to expect everyday. I was making a good living for a woman in her 20s and the job allowed for a work/life balance. I knew I needed to make a change, but I also felt fearful to do so. I was fearful of the unknown and felt an aversion to change. I had many worries and questions I asked myself about changing careers:


“What career choice is best for me?”

 “Would I be able to support myself?”

“Would I succeed?”

 “What if it does not make me happy?”

“What if I can’t find anything that fulfills me?”


 I spoke to friends and family, and I did a lot of research on my own. I came to the conclusion that if I did not try, I would not know if it was the right choice or not. I applied to New York University’s executive social work graduate school program so that I could work and receive my degree simultaneously. This allowed for a smoother transition from one career to the next. During school, I started to learn more about myself and became more confident in my decision making skills. Fast forward a few years, and I was helping so many patients at the hospital where I worked. I felt and continue to feel fulfilled every day. I am so grateful I took the bold leap to change!


I feel being an advocate, psychotherapist, and a support system for clients is what I am meant to be doing. I would not have known this if I had not taken a leap of faith and trusted that things would work out for me. I realized that, despite the discomfort with the unknown, taking a risk can often lead to improved fulfillment and success. 

What She Overcame

Jennifer helps...

  • Persons diagnosed with chronic illnesses find hope, peace, and a bit of determination to survive and cope with their conditions

  • Women and couples trying to conceive and infertility issues 

  • Individuals dealing with life transitions, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and bereavement

  • Adult clients feel comfortable discussing topics that are difficult to talk about

  • Individuals become more self-aware and self-confident

  • Caregivers get the support they need. And they sure do need it!

She uses...

  • Mindfulness-based techniques to support clients

  • Cognitive behavior therapy + Compassion-Focused Therapy to support clients in distress while gently challenging distorted thinking

  • Strengths-Based techniques to help clients develop and access their own power and resources

  • Her own resilience and determination to get the best resources into the hands of her clients

Her clients...

  • Enjoy an increased feeling of life fulfillment at any stage of their lives

  • Find ways to cope during very difficult life transitions

  • Discover feelings of progress -- taming the scary they were once afraid to talk about

Her not-so-secret power

  • Jennifer grew up in a family of helpers and spent time working in corporate and hospital settings

  • She is the resource queen -- if a client needs something, Jennifer doggedly finds a way for them to get it. She is an advocate to the core!

In her free time, Jennifer spends quality time with her family, hangs out with her dog, Gemma, practices yoga, and loves completing jigsaw puzzles. Jennifer loves dogs and has experience working with them as a calming resource for her clients. Jennifer considers herself a lifelong learner and dedicates free time to reading and taking courses that will continuously improve her professional and personal life.

"Without Jennifer, I honestly believe I would have put my head in the sand, stayed home and done nothing to treat this cancer diagnosis.  Jen is a bright light in an unfortunate situation.  She gave me courage, confidence and the ability to walk out of my doctor's office with a smile and a plan." -K.L.

Ready to get the support you need?

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