Jeni Mose


Jeni is an energetic and humorous therapist who gets down to business in a compassionate way. Jeni believes the world will be a better place if we quit judging others and most especially, if we can quit judging ourselves.

 What She Overcame 

Throughout my entire life, I was constantly playing as many sports as my schedule permitted. I never thought twice about it until my injuries occurred, which ultimately ended my sports career and my identity as I knew it.

Throughout this tumultuous time, I was also going through several personal life transitions/crises with which I struggled to cope in a healthy manner (or in any manner, actually).


I didn’t know who I was or what to do without sports as my outlet. This is when I started to realize that being an athlete could not be my sole identity, nor my sole mechanism to cope. I struggled to accept my physical limitations for years. My denial was strong, and I often pushed myself to “just go for a quick run” two weeks after a major surgery. (smh!)

When my body finally said enough was enough, I crashed, quickly and deeply, with a lack of purpose, desire, or motivation. Through self-exploration and support from family, friends, and mentors, I was able to create a new identity that wasn’t just tied to my sports performance. I learned that my identity can be in flux, changing as my seasons change. My identity is based on my character as a person and the many roles I enjoy today: wife, painter, therapist, and most excitedly, as a first-time mom!

Jeni helps...

  • Adults who struggle with dual-diagnoses such as severe mental health, personality disorders, and chemical dependencies

  • Individuals find their voice and learn how to use it

  • Individuals identify their inner child, recognizing unmet desires and needs

  • Individuals understand themselves and increase their confidence and self worth

  • Athletes transition to their off-field identities, and overcome current on-field performance barriers

  • Clients who are tired of overly rigid or academic counselors

  • Young adults trying to find their way

She uses...

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

  • Dialectical behavioral therapy

  • Solution-focused brief therapy

Her clients...

  • Gain insights into how their negative thinking leads to painful emotions and unhealthy behaviors

  • Increase responsibility for their own choices

  • Learn to self soothe and regulate their moods

Her not-so-secret powers

  • Working toward certifications in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Adventure-Based Therapy, and Sports Psychology

  • A contagious sense of humor

When Jeni is not working, she is loving being a mommy to newborn miracle baby Lincoln. She also loves kayaking with her husband, reading anything by James Patterson, painting with acrylics, and playing with Lincoln’s older spastic fursiblings, Emma and Ollie.

“Jeni is a queen, so therefore all other employees must be queens.”

 Define your identity with Jeni