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First Responder Support

Lifeline for the ones who always respond first

You put your life on the line day after day, but some days, that cost seems higher than you thought you’d have to pay. Some days, you lose sight of your own body and get caught up in the horror, action, and suffering of what you're responding to. And some days, you wish you could leave everything behind and start fresh somewhere new. 

You really wanted to help people, and you eagerly signed up for this job. And this “job” is not just a J.O.B. You are saving lives. But with all the lives you’ve helped, your own life may be suffering with PTSD, burnout, rage, suicidal thoughts, depression, substance know the deal, even if you're too anxious to admit it. 

Even though you're used to serving others, it's about time you get support for yourself. 

In confidential sessions, we’ll help you get that mask on yourself so you can breathe again. From there, we’ll help you develop coping skills to find a new freedom to step out of the shaken state you're in and enter a life marked by peace and balance.

The world never stops needing you, but some days all you want is to...

  • Cope with the complex relationship dynamics between your first and second families.

  • Learn to manage unique stressors such as shift work, being away from family, or witnessing human suffering.

  • Discover an identity outside of being a first responder.

  • Recover from burnout with guided support.

You do not have to bear a reality you can't stand. Speak freely about your experiences and find hope and joy again with #teamsoulspring.

Let us respond to your needs first. Ask for Jeni!

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